Sunday, 1 November 2009

Gypsy Cove

Walked all the way to Gypsy Cove this afternoon, it's a long way by foot, but it was a pleasant walk. The wind picked up and there were wintery showers on the way back which wasn't so pleasant! Saw Magellanic Penguins, there were not many of them, but it is so cool watching them whizzing around under the water and then popping out onto the beach. One peered out of it's burrow at us too.

Falkland Steamer Duck

Magellanic Penguins

Been to a Halloween party this evening (It's now about 1am), dressed up as a Vampire and had good fun.

Off to Volunteer Point tomorrow, can't wait!

Magellanic Penguin
Black-throated (Canary-winged) Finch
Falkland Thrush
Rufous-chested Dotterel
Magellanic Oystercatcher
Speckled Teal
Kelp Goose


  1. The Falkland Steamer duck is a flightless one, isn't it. The wings are very short as shown clearly in your picture.
    But there is also a Flightless Steamer duck, & a Flying Steamer duck I reckon (looking in my book).

  2. The 'Falkland Steamer Duck' (Tachyeres brachypterus) is flightless, the 'Flying Steamer Duck' (T. patachonicus) can fly, if it can be bothered!

    Falkland Steamer Duck and Flightless steamer duck are the same thing.

  3. Agh, it's the English name that has confused me, sorry.
    As you say The Falkland Steamer duck (T.brachypterus)is flightless. The Flying Steamer duck is (T.patachonicus). & the one I am confusing them with is the Flightless Steamer duck ( T.pteneres) which on checking I think you may not get in the Falkland Islands.