Friday, 13 November 2009

Summer? Winter? Summer? Winter? Who knows!

One minute it's looking bright, the next it's blowing a blizzard! Various things have been happening today, I managed to track down a gas cylinder regulator for a camping stove, and then I managed to find a gas cylinder too! A refill is about £20, the deposit for a cylinder is £45 so it's a good job we didn't need to get one. We also topped up the Land Rover with diesel, quite a pleasant experience when it's only 46p per litre! Mind you, as everyone needs to drive 4x4's they get through nearly twice as much fuel.

Today my radio interview was supposed to ge out, but, like the first there were some problems it seems, this time we sounded like chipmunks apparently!

I also had a meeting about the next fieldwork, carrying out some botanical work over in West Falkland. There are a few details to iron out, but some of the work will incude collecting samples for DNA analysis. I will be heading over on the ferry on the 29th, and have 3 days to do my own exploring before being joined by our botanist Rebecca. One of the plants I'm looking forward to seeing is the False Plantain, and it will be great to explore the 'other half' of the Falklands!

Went down to the post office this evening and headed on to the war memorial where you could see snow on the hills beyond.

Tomorrow I'm off to Adventure Sound and Bleaker Island. I'll be carrying out Coastal bird surveys for the Shallow Marine Survey Group. I had thought we were going to be camping for the whole trip, but luckily there is going to be accommodation at the start for a few nights, and then at the end too (in a cowshed) only leaving a few camping days in the middle! Well, that's it for now, an early start and I get back around the 22nd, so more news then.

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  1. The snow on the hills looks lovely - really just like the Preseli's at home.