Sunday, 1 November 2009

Falkland Arrival

Well, here I am sat in the living room, looking out at the jetty and the bay, the stones opposite have protector and endurance out of the left window, dumbarton castle is obscured by the curtain..... the odd cloud about, and pretty still too, actually, it's very still here, the sun is nearly setting so it is still good and light!

Despite various horror stories the flight down was great, we had a boing 767-300, and after take off we could move around, so I had 2 seats to myself in a window, the food was also fine and plenty of it.

Ascension was warm and breezy, the cage is a fenced enclosure with picnic benches and a part under cover and an indoors bit and cafe too, oh and a shop for buying booze £7 for a bottle of rum, here it's £17!

Rock Shag
Kelp Gull
South American Tern
Black crowned night heron
Kelp Goose
Upland Goose
Speckled Teal
House Sparrow

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