Saturday, 19 April 2014

It’s the bank holiday weekend!

The wind is supposed to swing around to the North tomorrow, so there aren’t any boats coming over, what with being a bank holiday weekend it’s been a bit busy.

Puffin count was last night, our second evening of counting puffins across the whole island. Thursday night resulted in 18,237, and last night there were around 4,000 fewer. With individuals coming and going, courting, and feeding that isn’t too surprising.




With all the fine weather we have been enjoying a run of beautiful sunsets. It’s fun trying to get bird silhouettes with the golden sky behind.


20140416-DSC_7504It’s just possible to see some sunspots.


20140419-DSC_7580Puffins are a popular attraction, this one was getting a lot of attention!

20140419-DSC_7585Yachts at the moorings.

On such a beautiful day it’s unsurprising to see some people visiting the island by yacht. The marine nature reserve provides some moorings so that there isn’t any need to anchor which can damage the sea bed. Further into North Haven anchoring is forbidden in order to protect the eel grass beds on the sea floor.

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