Thursday, 8 November 2012

St Andrews bay, part 2

Waking up on the first morning at 4:30 it was a beautiful day, but being pretty tired from the ski over I went back to sleep, feeling rather guilty for not making use of the dawn. Luckily though I had the chance to redeem myself the following morning as a beautiful day began.

I walked down to the beach, and headed along past the moulting king penguins, and the elephant seals towards the main penguin colony. The first river was frozen over, the second was fairly shallow and I could hop from rock to rock and stay dry (even when one was covered in ice and try to dump me in the drink). Being with the chicks and kings to watch the sunrise was one of those moments you will always treasure, as well as enjoying the moment I tried to take a few nice photos too.

20121005-DSC_9647King Penguins and Giant Petrels all in different poses at dawn

20121005-DSC_9663Beautiful clear skies

20121005-DSC_9690‘Dawn chorus’ South Georgia style

20121005-DSC_9705Adults rising above the chicks


20121005-DSC_9715Family bond

20121005-DSC_9891Golden down



20121005-DSC_9949Chicks huddled together, backlit by the low sun

1 comment:

  1. I can pick out two of these as extra special; mind it's a personal choice.......The golden edged five chicks, and the beautiful clear skies!
    Mind, you have some superb images so to try to pick any out is difficult as they are all so special!
    What a wonderful atmosphere and such a special moment to share with them on that morning, wow! xxx