Sunday, 25 November 2012

Furries and Pingus

Now that spring is well under way it’s breeding time for the fur seals and gentoo penguins. The male furries have set up their territories on the beaches which they defend ferociously, and the females are gradually coming in and giving birth to their pups. The gentoo eggs, which have been incubated for a few weeks are now hatching, and you can hear the chicks quiet ‘cheeping’ coming from all over the colony.

20121123-DSC_3159Big male keeping a good watch

20121124-DSC_3211Play with me mum!

20121124-DSC_3200Not now I’m sleeping

20121124-DSC_3193 Fur seal family

20121123-DSC_3187Basking in the evening sun

20121124-DSC_3225Chick trying to find food under it’s parents wing

20121124-DSC_3236Two nice healthy chicks

20121124-DSC_3246Chicks being fed

20121124-DSC_3264Cute chick close up

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  1. As you get to the final countdown of days at KEP it is great to see some pictures of new life:-)
    Do enjoy these final weeks; we've loved reading about them, so thank you.......