Monday, 27 February 2012

Close encounters of the furred kind!

20120201-P1010922The Fur Seal pups over in Maiviken are getting very mobile, playful and inquisitive. Sitting down on a rock at the side of Evans’ Lake (puppy lake as we call it) you soon have them sniffing at your boots and coming for a closer look. Occasionally a larger furry, maybe 2 or 3 years old comes to investigate too, if they come too close a quick clap of the hands sends them scurrying back to the water. Here are a few photos from the couple of occasions I have stopped to take photos.


20120211-DSC_3828This little chap was quite happy on his rock, and wasn’t going to move for any other pup! He quite enjoyed sniffing my camera and also my hand too, a very friendly furry fellow.



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  1. They might be small, look very sweet, but they still have teeth - perhaps they are not too sure about using them on you?