Sunday, 1 July 2012

Night wandering in Grytviken

The other evening was calm and clear, Erny suggested a wander around Grytviken to look at the stars and experience the ‘mood’ of the whaling station at night. I was only too keen to go too, and take a few photos while I was there. I wanted to have a play with something different to star trails and the milky way, and try to get some recognisable constellations and associate them with local features. I also discovered that the sometimes frustrating leading lights shed a new light on the machinery.

20120625-DSC_4075-Edit Grytviken Church and the Southern Cross

20120625-DSC_4089 Whalers accommodation block

20120625-DSC_4101 Long Shadows

20120625-DSC_4104 Machinery

20120625-DSC_4106 Boilers and tanks

1 comment:

  1. What superb pictures. The Southern Cross is quite difficult to pick out, although having seen it I did know what I was looking for!
    Perhaps you could highlight (or brighten) it's stars to help it stand out?
    Great to see anyway :-)