Friday, 30 December 2011

Dawn in Grytviken

With the prospect of a clear night I decided to take some star trail photos over in Grytviken. It’s a long time since I’ve been out at Grytviken at night, and I’d almost forgotten how incredible it is.

20111209-trails_v3 Albatross and Diaz, old sealer boats, moonlit mountains and star trails

Knowing the area well is definitely a bonus, as is knowing where the rotational point will be. I had wanted the pivot point to be nearer the corner of the photo, but that would have meant loosing the mountains in the background. With such short summer nights I set the camera going at about 11:30pm, and went back to pick it up shortly after 3:00am, even at that early hour it was light, and only a couple of hours of trails are possible.

20111210-DSC_1530 The remains of the old jetty make interesting silhouettes

20111210-DSC_1543 Sunrise

On my way back round the track I stopped for a while with “Track pup”. Track pup is the first pup born on the track this year, to male and female Fur Seals that are unfazed by people walking closely past on the track. Pups are very curious, and sitting at the edge of the track quietly they will often come and investigate. It’s nice to have such a calm family to admire whilst walking the track.

20111210-DSC_1564 Male Fur Seal strikes a typical pose overlooking King Edward Cove

20111210-DSC_1587 Handsome male Furrie

20111210-DSC_1609 Female Furrie sleeps quietly on the beach

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  1. Gorgeous pictures as is usual from you; showing some real magic scenes!

    Rotational point idea, round the mast head? Maybe you would lose the ship though.......

    Dad xxx