Saturday, 13 August 2011


Finally I bit the bullet and purchased a copy of PTGui, it’s rather an odd name, but actually stands for Panorama Tools Graphical User Interface. I’ve been putting it off for a while, but my backlog of panoramas isn’t getting any smaller, so thought I better get on with it.

When I first got into digital photography I’d spend several hours distorting and blending the separate images to create the finished product. Although time consuming the results were good. As photoshop developed they started to include an automatic stitching program. Most of the time photoshop will work fine, especially the latest versions, but often with night shots it gets all confused and just won’t play ball. This is where the manual controls in PTGui come in, if it can’t find control points to join the photos you can select them yourself. There are also endless projections and formats to export your panoramas, one of which is interactively on a web page.

Here is my first attempt at an interactive panorama that I took over in Maiviken the other night. Apparently it even works with the gyro in smartphones so you can wave them around to look in different directions! Click on the image below to go to my website to see it.

20110809-DSC_2926 Panorama

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  1. I think these panoramas are great, wow, get the right stitch programme & what a brill effect; well done. I also love the atmospheric pictures elsewhere on the blog (previous entry).
    We want to see the book next!