Friday, 28 January 2011

Ships, skuas and penguins


The Royal Navy paid us a visit at the weekend, HMS Gloucester and the RFA Black Rover refuelling vessel. We offered our assistance to get the crew ashore, so ended up running our RIB’s in the morning and afternoon so that as many people could come off as possible. All the sailors appreciated this opportunity very much, and they even helped us cart supplies up to Maiviken hut for the repair work we are undertaking. It was good fun getting in plenty of boating, but it was exhausting fitting it in around other regular work too. I’ll do a boating blog soon as we have been doing quite a bit recently.

20110120_0695 HMS Gloucester


And now for a bit of a quiz!

Here are two photos of skuas, which is from South Georgia, and which is from Shetland? There is so much variation in the plumage of individuals can you tell?







The Gentoo penguins are nice and big now, some of them have lost all their down. They seem to have had a very good year with plenty of Krill around which is great news. Today also happens to be penguin counting/weighing day, so along with volunteers from base I’m off to do that now, unfortunately it’s raining, but that won’t  stop us!


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