Thursday, 26 June 2014

Puffins in the bluebells

Two big attractions on Skomer are the bluebells and the puffins. Combining the two is a little tricky, with the bluebells generally inland, and the puffins very much on the coast. This made an interesting challenge, and I wanted to try and get some photos that were a bit different to the usual ones you see everywhere.

Classic puffin pose, but with bluebells too.

These three were interacting nicely in the flowers. 

Everyone knows what a puffin looks like, so I decided to hide it in the flowers.


It can be tricky getting the angle you want on Skomer, there are burrows everywhere so you have to stay on the path. Despite the warnings in the introduction talk, and signs around the island some people still think they know best and step off the path only to go crashing through a burrow, often crushing an egg, chick or adult bird inside. So, stay on the path!

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  1. Superb photos as always, thank you for sharing, x