Friday, 27 June 2014

Pelagic boat trip

The researchers at North Haven booked a boat to go out to the Celtic deep for some Manx Sheawater work, as there was spare space in the boat a few of us got the chance to go for a ride too. It was my first day off for about a month, a very welcome break from normal work (I still did one study plot though!).

The Dales Sailing RIB, well kitted out with two big engines!

With two 200hp engines on the back the RIB went at a good speed in the good sea conditions, the engines were surprisingly quiet too.

We all put on matching suits, warm, waterproof, windproof, and a very fetching shade of hi vis yellow.

An enormous Stena oil tanker at anchor, a slogan written on the superstructure proclaimed that “Oil should always travel first class”.


Researcher, Oli, enjoying some lunch on the way out, tuna pasta.

Common Dolphins arrived and played in the bow wave of the boat.

It was amazing to see them leaping out of the water so close to us. There were some strange marks on their backs, probably caused by the teeth of other dolphins, they only looked like surface marks though which was good.


Everyone had a great time on the trip, maybe we ought to do a blast over to Grassholm next time!

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