Saturday, 28 May 2011

Don’t let kids have all the fun!

Whilst the campers were away we weren’t going to miss out on our own fun with the snow. Not enough for skiing we made do with sledging instead. Cheap plastic pulks make excellent fast adult sized sledges, some for 2+ people too. Being a mountainous place the trickiest part was finding a slope that didn’t have ‘PAIN’ or ‘BROKEN BONES’ written all over it! Fortunately the nursery ski slopes behind Grytviken are ideal, assuming you avoid the deep ditch and stream handily positioned at the end of the run off area. Have a look at the photos and enjoy the video put together from headcams, and an SLR by our base mechanic Matt Holmes.
 20110515-DSC_7192 Keeping control just about!
20110515-DSC_7194 Matt Holmes and me getting some good speed
 20110515-DSC_7219 Robert the Government Officer enjoying the snow too
 20110515-DSC_7231-sledge Matt not stopping before the ditch!
 20110515-DSC_7246 Katie giving the skeleton bob technique a go

And as Sue ‘face plant’ Gregory so well said:
“Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional”

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